Ten years have passed very quickly since Hans and I purchased A Private Affair of Sherman Oaks in September of 2007.  These have been good years, years in which we sought to provide the best possible customer service along with quality products to meet the needs of the nearly 6,500 ladies who have visited the store on at least one occasion.

     But now it's time to say "Farewell".

     We have closed the store as of October 31, 2017, as we both felt it was time for us to retire.

      Thank you to each of you who are part of the history of A Private Affair of Sherman Oaks.  We wish you very best in the years to come.

Susan and Hans Sitarz

      For those of you who live in the western part of the San Fernando Valley, may we recommend your visiting our dear friend Linda Brafford at A Private Affair in Thousand Oaks.  Shown below is all the information you need to find her and pay her a visit.  We're convinced you'll be pleased.

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