But "weight" ......

The following is a true story!  She who shall remain nameless and owns a wardrobe of a dozen bras, was complaining to us recently: "I understand why women don't think they should buy new bras. Personally I refuse to buy a bigger bra when I know for sure I'm going to lose weight, ... soon!"
"Also I will not get a bigger band because I refuse to ever wear anything larger than the XYZ size that I wore in college!"

"Sometimes I find it hard to breathe and have trouble swallowing because the midsection of my bra seems to be cutting me in two."

Is she the only one???

Our bodies are changing all the time. We're all too familiar with gaining and losing weight. (And then gaining it back again).

A fluctuation of as little as 5 lbs. can affect a woman's bra size. We resist getting new bras for a variety of reasons as in we really do intend to change our eating habits and to start that massive exercise program.  

And/or often we don't feel we have the right to a new bra "punishing" ourselves for the weight gain or loss.
The truth is that a too-tight bra easily emphasizes our back-fat or muffin-tops and only draws attention to the extra flesh.  Conversely, a too big bra will do absolutely nothing for you but hang from your shoulders with no support.....(what's the point?).

Bottom Line: While you're on the road to reaching your fitness or weight goal, regardless of how long it realistically takes, you need a properly fitting bra!    

Not only will you look better, you'll feel better too!!! Really!

Best regards,

Susan and Dena


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