Minimizer Bras ... Magic or Myth

We can't tell you how many times women come into A Private Affair announcing that they want a "minimizer" bra. In our opinion minimizers can be great, but more often than not are greatly misunderstood.

The common misconception is that minimizers will make you look smaller, but that's not always the case. The truth is that minimizers compress the breast tissue over the entire chest wall spreading additional volume up, down and across the chest (and even under the arms). The result is that by doing this the chest area often ends up looking "thicker" not smaller.
Instead of smashing your breasts flat, the better and more flattering solution is to lift them higher. A full-busted woman needs torso length to look well proportioned.

The goal is to raise the breasts and narrow the width of the bust-line. This way the breasts are not wider than the body. When the breasts are lifted and separated from the midriff, the result will be what we all want, a slimmer looking body.
And once again we remind you that it doesn't matter what your cup size or your band-width is, a good fitting bra can cause you to look pounds thinner and do wonders for your well-being and appearance.

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Susan and Dena

We Have A Winner!

We're happy to announce that Karen Freshman of West Hills had the winning entry in last month's $100 Gift Certificate Drawing! Congratulations, Karen!


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