Summer Savings Opportunities
and A Few Thoughts for You

Do you remember the old Clairol ad that read, "Only your hairdresser knows for sure!"

We have found that when left to their own devices, ladies shopping for themselves in department stores tend to purchase the bra size they want to be rather than the bra size that fits.

One of our greatest challenges as bra-ladies is how to "break it to you gently" that you're no longer the 36C "you've always been"!

It's hard for all of us to get in touch with the fact that we've gained weight, or that gravity has begun to take over. It's been said that over a lifetime the average woman wears six different bra sizes. There are a host of factors contributing to this  such as pregnancy, exercise, weight fluctuation, both up and down, hormones and menopause  just to name a few.

Here at A Private Affair we think it's silly to be "married" to a particular bra size because no one can tell by looking at you that you may have jumped from a 38 band to a 40, or that you're now wearing an E cup instead of the D you thought you were.

Our job is to find you the most flattering, uplifting, fun, flirty, comfortable "whatever suits your fancy" bra(s) possible. And as far as the size on the tag..... "Mum's the Word!"....

Only your bra-ladies know for sure!

Wishing you a Happy Summer!

Susan and Dena


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